Couple counseling

Two people are usually led into marriage by having the best feelings for each other.But there are times that result in constant arguments, estrangement and frustration, which reduce the quality of life for both spouses and the family as a whole.Couples therapy can help couples who want to stay together improve the quality of their relationship.

Routine, increased obligations, stress, lack of communication, new roles, different points of view and time itself can be some of the reasons why spouses change and instead of turning to each other, they turn to one against the other.

Couples Therapy can help couples:

  • To Improve their way of Communication
  • Manage their Disputes
  • Increase their positive interactions
  • To Change Dysfunctional Habits and Patterns in their marriage
  • To Regain their Trust in each other
  • Learn to manage Anger and Tension levels
  • Manage their problems in specific areas - such as problems related to their parenting role, financial disputes, sexual relationships, infidelity.
  • To learn more effective ways of expressing and controlling their emotions

The psychologist's role is not that of a judge where he will indicate to you who is right or wrong, and which direction to follow in your relationship.His role is to work collaboratively with you to find a solution that works for you as a couple.

Several services that we together with our partners offer


    • Couple counseling
    • Adolescent psychotherapy
    • Emotional disorders
    • Anxiety of Panhellenic Exam Candidates
    • Adult psychotherapy
    • Parental counseling
    • Dealing with Panic Attacks
    • Eating disorders
    • Anorexia nervosa
    • Sexual disorders
    • Emotional/Physical Abuse
    • Management of Suicidal Ideation
    • Post-traumatic stress
    • Performance anxiety in athletes
    • Bereavement Management
    • Dealing with Fears
    • Bulimia nervosa
    • Psychosomatic Problems
    • Psychosocial reintegration

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Several services that we together with our partners offer

Our Office has developed many partnerships with organizations and psychologists, where with their help they provide us with their services and support in the process of selecting suitable human resources by examining candidate profiles.

We are looking for cooperation partners in Europe. Contact me for a discussion on how we can develop the therapy networks together.